November 16-17, 2024 – Cambridge, England

Boost Your Income.

Elevate Your Impact.

Build a Legacy.

The live event for entrepreneurs that want to go the distance in business and life!


Join us to redefine what work-life balance looks like!

The traditional notion of work-life balance often implies a horrible juggling act. How we should be focused on keeping our professional and personal lives neatly separated.

However, we believe that true fulfillment, over the long-haul, comes not from striving for that ‘balance’, but instead from integrating all aspects of life into an operating system – so to speak – that embodies what it means to go the distance in everything you do.

Learn Tried & Tested Marketing Strategies

Learn Tried & Tested Marketing Strategies

Our expert speakers will share proven processes and strategies to help you successfully navigate your growth.

Explore Proven Business Models

Explore Proven Business Models

Focused on balancing time and energy effectively, these ideas will help you sustain long-term performance and well-being.

Network With Like-Minded Entrepreneurs

Network With Like-Minded Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs and thought leaders who share your passion for enduring excellence and creating a positive impact.

Participate In Interactive Masterminds

Participate In Interactive Masterminds

Our ‘round table’ sessions are designed to empower you with the ideas, skills and mindset needed to thrive.

Learn Actionable Strategies

Learn Actionable Strategies

For cultivating resilience, adaptability, and purpose-driven leadership in your personal and professional life.

Build & Scale Effectively

Build & Scale Effectively

Gain valuable insights and tools needed to scale to new heights, without burning out or jeopardising your health.











Hustle is a Season. Not a Lifestyle.

It's time to elevate your business, without burning out!

This event is ideal for:

This event is not for you if:

What exactly is a Long Haul Leader?



Long haul leaders are committed to continuous personal development, recognizing that growth is a lifelong journey.



Long haul leaders maintain an open-minded approach, embracing new ideas and perspectives to adapt and grow over time.



Long haul leaders nurture the people that they are surrounded by, fostering growth and development. 



Long haul leaders remain grounded in their values and principles, even as they navigate change and uncertainty.



Long haul leaders prioritize their physical, mental, and emotional health, recognizing that well-being is essential for sustained success.



Long haul leaders adapt to evolving circumstances and embrace change as an opportunity for growth and innovation.



Long haul leaders bring people together, bridging differences and building consensus to achieve shared success.



Long haul leaders are focused on leaving a lasting legacy of positive impact and influence in the lives of those they love and those they work with.

Meet Your Expert Long Haul Leaders

No ‘hustle bros’ at this event. That’s a promise! Let’s face it, hustle culture has been glorifying the relentless pursuit of money, success and a lavish lifestyle for far too long. And to what end, exactly? If that’s your jam, this isn’t the event for you.

However, if you’re all about living a life well lived, building a truly profitable,  impactful business while working with dream clients on projects that excite you and have you hopping out of bed each morning, then this IS the event you need to attend this year!

Daniel Priestley

Award Winning Author & Entrepreneur

Ray Edwards

Copywriting Legend & World Renowned Mentor

Shaa Wasmund MBE

Founder & Bestselling Author

Advita Patel

Workplace Culture Strategist & Author

Jenni Field

Business Communications Strategist & Author

Simon Alexander Ong

Bestselling Author &
In-Demand Life Coach

Ben Coomber

Award Winning High Performance Coach

Laura Phillips

Founder & Online Launch Planning Strategist

Chris Ducker

Chris Ducker is a serial entrepreneur, international business mentor, angel investor, keynote speaker and author of two bestselling books – Virtual Freedom & Rise of the Youpreneur.

Over the past two decades Chris has started, grown, bought and sold a number of multi-million pound businesses, hired thousands of team members, worked with clients from every corner of the globe and continues to own and operate several businesses, while mentoring industry leaders to scale in a sustainable manner, as part of his Round Table Mastermind.

However, it’s not all been profits and unicorns for Chris!

In 2010 he battled burnout – a result of building his first multi-7-figure business. In 2012 he had invasive spine surgery and in 2020, conquered adrenal fatigue and depression.

Chris is a family man, bonsai enthusiast and lover of fine scotch.

Nowadays he’s committed to leading by example while inspiring others to embrace a healthy, happy and profitable entrepreneurial lifestyle… for the long-haul.

What past Live Event Attendees Say!

The live event where EVERYONE is a VIP!

Join us LIVE and you'll walk away with…

Don't miss out on all this!!!

Enhanced Knowledge & Skills

Enhanced Knowledge & Skills

to navigate both your business and personal life – all while avoiding fatigue, stress and burnout. 

Actionable Strategies

Actionable Strategies

and insights to implement in your business immediately.

A Sense Of Confidence

A Sense Of Confidence

and empowerment to lead your business towards sustainable success.

Practical Tools

Practical Tools

and resources to optimize processes, drive efficiency, and maximize productivity.

Concrete Action Plan

Concrete Action Plan

with steps to achieve your business goals and objectives.

New Connections

New Connections

and relationships with like-minded professionals and potential collaborators.

Join an Exclusive Group of Industry Leaders!

Super Early Bird Tickets Available NOW!!!


Super Early Bird Price:


Full Price £897

Just 100 spots available!

Here's what our Experts have in store for you!

Situated in the historic heart of Cambridge, the University Arms opened its doors in 1834. Within walking distance of the world-renowned University of Cambridge, the venue blends its historic charm with modern amenities and luxury accommodations.

Reflecting the classic elegance and sophistication of Cambridge, with its stunning facade and regal interiors, the location screams everything that it means to stand the test of time, to inspire and to live well. The moment we visited, we knew it was the perfect venue for the event!

Got questions? We’re here to help.

Why are there only 100 tickets available?

We’ve been running events since 2011. Everything from small mastermind days, to huge international conferences. At this point in the game, we know where the sweet spot is!

With this event, this type of attendee and what they’re looking to get out of being in attendance, we know that limiting the tickets to just 100 is the absolutely BEST thing, not just for those in attendance, but also for the industry; as we focus on rebuilding mindsets, reimagining the way things get done and inspiring leaders to truly go the distance in business… and in life!

When you experience the event for yourself, you’ll know EXACTLY what we mean!

Can I bring my spouse or business partner?

You sure can… however, please note that all attendees must purchase a ticket to attend the event.

Does the venue have parking?

The venue does not have parking, however there are several local car parks close to the venue that you can use if you’re planning on driving into Cambridge to attend the event.

What's the nearest train station?

Cambridge Station.

I'll be staying in a hotel. Any suggestions?

Here’s a list of the 5 local hotels close to the venue. 

  • University Arms (Event Venue)
  • The Regent Aparthotel
  • Hotel Du Vin
  • Ibis Cambridge Station
  • Clayton Hotel
Are you offering a virtual ticket option?

No. We believe that the in-person nature of the Long-Haul Leader Summit would be completely lost if you were streaming the action live, or watching a video replay. Because of this, no official recording will be taking place at the event.

What is the refund policy?

Because of the limited number of spaces available, no refunds are available once a ticket has been purchased. However, if you can’t make it, you can transfer your ticket to someone else to come to your place – as long as we have their details no later than November 6, 2024.

I have more questions not answered here. How do I get answers?

Not a problem. We love inquisitive types! Email us directly via and we’ll get right back to you!

Are you ready to become a Long Haul Leader?

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